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Tiny House Building Company Update/Farm house delivery

Hello everybody! It’s been WAAAYYYYY too long! I’m finally popping back on here (come on Lauren, stop slacking!) to update you guys on what in the world has been going on here at the shop! We’ve delivered quite a few homes since I wrote last!

I’m gonna focus on one of my favorite, and most stressful, deliveries of the year so far. We started this build a WHILE ago. But we are so obsessed with how it turned out. Our sweet client loves it too! It was seriously SUCH a pleasure working with her! I’ll stop rambling… here are just a few photos!

The drive here was beautiful! The house is nestled on a quiet & cozy piece of land in a mountainous area out of state. It is right next to a barn and has an incredible view! We went over the cutest bridge a short while into our journey… and YES it did fit under the bridge:)


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