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Week in Review- 2/4/19 through 2/8/19


WOW! What a week! We started framing on TWO new homes, signed contracts for new builds, and are now starting to plan our first OPEN HOUSE FOR THIS YEAR! 
Planning the open houses is actually quite a bit of work. Our biggest obstacle we face is definitely the weather! The weather is forever changing around this time of year (Thanks, Virginia) so it’s difficult to plan ahead! For example, last Friday it was SNOWING, and by Tuesday of this week is was 72* and no cloud in sight. Now, I see it’s supposed to snow AGAIN on Monday? Anyways, we always start our open house season around March/April so we’re constantly battling the “April Showers” mantra. 
The two homes that we started framing on this week are going to be exciting builds. One is for a couple in their 70’s, so all main-level living. I think ya’ll are going to LOVE this one. The other is for a young girl and her cat, so there are going to be plenty of fun built-in’s for her fur baby!   


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